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District of Maryland - Document Filing System

The CM/ECF system will be unavailable on Sunday mornings from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for routine maintenance.

********** The District of Maryland is now using CM/ECF NextGen.  Click HERE for more information. **********


Pursuant to Local Rules 102.1.d and 202, the electronic filing of documents is only permitted in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Court.  Counsel are advised to consult the Court's CM/ECF procedure manuals prior to electronically filing any document in this Court to ensure they have complied with these requirements.

Civil Procedures Manual
Criminal Procedures Manual


Protecting Privacy of Personal Information

JUDGE'S COURTESY COPY - If the documents you are filing (main document plus all attachments) total 15 or more pages, you must submit a paper copy for the judge.  Print the Notice of Electronic Filing receipt and affix it to the front of the paper copy of your document.  The judge's courtesy copy should be received in the Clerk's Office within 48 hours of the electronic filing of the document.

LENGTHY DOCUMENT - Excessively large documents, especially those that are scanned, may exceed the system’s per document capacity (30 megabytes). If your document exceeds 30 megabytes, the system will display an error message. If you have a very large document that exceeds the system's capacity, you must subdivide the document, appropriately identify each attachment (e.g., Exhibit A, Part 1; Exhibit A, Part 2, etc.), and file them separately.  You must also submit a courtesy copy of the entire document for the judge (since it totals more than 15 pages).

CM/ECF NextGen Version Installed 07/08/2023


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